I was recently in Mineral Point, Wisconsin where I visited a few galleries. In one there were a couple of tiny paintings - in front of the painting was a tiny person as part of the scenery. I might not be explaining that well, but it seemed so clever. I made a few necklaces along the same line... the tiny people I had were little convicts, so I painted their striped pants to look like jeans and now they appear more like little French men. Yes, little French Men With Shovels. ha.

Lately I've been working on fabricating these boxes out of copper and then flooding them with solder. The fun comes in filling them with tiny vintage and interesting bits. They are deep - and then filled with resin. It's like a tiny story box - 

Upcoming Event


On Saturday, October 3rd, I'll be setting up my tent at Liberty House in Seward. It's the first show I've done since last fall. Pat is having an Autumn Antique Market and I've been invited to set up. My jewelry, because of it's rustic elegance, fits right in with antiques. 
I just finished this butterfly wing necklace. Unless it sells on my etsy site before Saturday, I'll bring it along. A little caterpillar came to check out the necklace as I was outside taking pics. 

I hope you'll come to the Liberty House Saturday. It's been a while since I've seen you!